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Restaurant Menu

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Side Orders

Mini Mince Koftas
(Mince Kamb Koftas in a spicy sauce, popular in most Indian homes)
Murgh Jalfrezi
(Boneless chicken breast, or lamb, with spicy onions, tomato and pepper sauce)
Balti Special
(Chicken or lamb - this is not our normal balti, its special homemade spices make it one of our signature specials)
Chicken Naga
(Relatively new and hot dish with unique savoury taste made with the highly aromatic Naga Morich chilli pepper)
Bhindi Ghost (lady finger)
(Lamb cooked with lady fingers in a korahi sauce)
Chicken Peri Peri
(Tender chicken cooked with very hot spices and served in a chilli sauce)
Famous Korahi
(Lamb or chicken cooked with onions, fresh methi leaves, tomatoes, green pepper, Shandaar's own spices and served in an iron souk. Very flaoursome!)
Brilliant Chicken Methi
(Chicken cooked in a thick vibrantly spiced tomatoes, masalla with fresh fenugreek leaves)
Saag wala/Chicken Tikka or lamb
(Cooked with spinach, fresh herbs and spices, this is cooked with fresh spinach)
Masallam Ka Biryani
(Lamb & basmati rice cooked together in a wok, sizzling with chopped onions and fresh lamb served with Indian gravey)
Duck special
(Sauce cooked with onions and mild spices made very thick placed on a dish then duck garnish with onion and pepper stir fry with red wine)
Changa Chilli Duck & Mushroom
(Lightly spiced pan fried duck cooked with chillies and mushrooms)
Akbari Cham Cham
(Traditional Tandoori chicken & chicken tikka, firstly barbequed with herbs and spices and then applied to a medium stregth balti style curry)
Chicken Tikka Rezalla
(Cooked with garlic, green peppers and onions, balti medium style, garnished with fresh coriander)
Balti Exotica
(Combination of chicken, lamb and king prawns cooked in a balti sauce and prepared with Shandaar spices)
Balti Shahi Sashlik
(Grilled chicken or lamb pieces cooked with onions, peppers, tomatoes and minced meat garnished with coriander)
Handi Exotica Mossalla
(A combination of lamb, chicken, king prawn and boiled egg mixed in massala sauce)
Citrus Lamb Curry
(A superbly aromatic curry, not exceptionally hot, but full of flavour)
Chicken Tikka Karahi Mossalla
(Chicken breast cooked on a charcoal grill and then roasted with ginger, garlic and tomatoes with a spinkle of coriander)
Akhni Murghi
(Traditional tandoori chicken cooked with oriental herbs and spices with keema in a medium balti style sauce)
Karahi Shashlik
(Barbecued chicken or lamb with vibrantly spiced tomato and pepper cooked with garlic and with a dash of fresh coriander in a traditional karahi suace)
The Shandaar, 336 Manchester Road, West Timperley, Altrincham WA14 5NH
Opening Times: Monday - Saturday 5pm till late, Sunday 1pm till late