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Restaurant Menu

Tandoori & Grilled Starters
Vegetarian Starters
Seafood Starters
Flaming Tandoori & Grilled Sizzlers
Signature Dishes
Tandoori Mossalla Dishes
Fish Selection
Mild, Sweet & Creamy
Vegetarian Dishes
Traditional Dishes
Traditional Korahi & Balti Dishes
Biryani Dishes
English Dishes

Rice, Salad & Bread
Side Orders

Chicken 8.00
Chicken Tikka 9.00
Lamb 8.00
Lamb Tikka
Mushroom 8.00
Vegetables 8.00
Prawn 8.00
King Prawn 10.00
Special Mix
(Chicken, Lamb, Beef, Mushroom, Prawn)
Choose a Sauce  
(A hot sauce made up of spicy and tomato
puree - fiery and rich.)
(From the Madras family, the greater use of garlic, tomato, lemon, ginger & chilli powder.)
Rogan Josh
(Combination of herbs, spices, garlic, capsicums, ginger & tomatoes (medium hot).)
(Specially cooked with oriental spices & herbs to achieveot a sweet, sour and hot flavour.)
(Prepared with lemon juice and lentils.
Hot and sour.)
Chilli Masala
(Fresh green chillies with garlic, ginger, green capsicum, ground spices & herbs in Masalla sauce (fairly hot).)
(Onions fried with selected spices, bay leaves & coriander (medium hot).)
(Fresh garlic, capsicum, tomatoes, coriander, herbs & spices.)
(Special blend of spice fried together to create a dish of dry consistency.)
(Pineapples, lentils & garlic produce a sweet and sour dish garnished with coriander)
(Produced from a wide, but basic range of
spices to give a mild taste)
The Shandaar, 336 Manchester Road, West Timperley, Altrincham WA14 5NH
Opening Times: Monday - Saturday 5pm till late, Sunday 1pm till late