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Restaurant Menu

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Signature Dishes
Tandoori Mossalla Dishes
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Side Orders

Chicken Tikka Makhani
(Cooked with almond powder, ghee and a touch of masala powder)
Chicken Nepal
(Chicken Tikka cooked in a creamy sweet sauce with lychee fruit)
Chicken Korma
(Our mildest and creamiest dish, sweet in taste with almonds and coconut)
Chicken Bengal Korma
(Chicken Tikka cooked in a sweet cream sauce with mango)
Balti Peshwari Murgh
(Chicken Tikka cooked in a sweet balti sauce)
Chicken Amerill
(Chicken in a mango based creamy sauce)
Chocolate Korma
(Love Chocolate? Sweet Belgian chocolate, almonds and coconut powder - chicken, lamb or vegetable)
Balti Butter Chicken
(One of the most popular Balti dishes with aromatic spices, cream and almonds)
The Shandaar, 336 Manchester Road, West Timperley, Altrincham WA14 5NH
Opening Times: Monday - Saturday 5pm till late, Sunday 1pm till late